2017 Reading Challenge and…More Writing! 

Since it’s officially 2017 I thought I would start the year off by setting myself a Reading Challenge! I have never done one of these before so I’m quite exited to see if I’ll manage to complete it. 

I have decided to set myself the challenge of reading at least 50 books this year. 

This may not seem like a lot for some of you seasoned readers, however, since I’ve never done a Reading Challenge before, I thought I would start off small! Also, I need to be realistic about it and since reading isn’t a full time job for me (unfortunately) I have to think about when I’ll find the time to do it! Which will mostly be in the evenings. 

Anyway, I digress…50 books in 12 months! I shall be starting the challenge off by finishing Shatter Me, I hope to read most of the books on my TBR pile! Especially since some of them have been there for years! 

I would like to cover as many genres as I can and vary between stand alone books and series! (When I read a series I will count each book in the series individually). 

As well as completing this Reading Challenge I would like to set myself another task…to write more of my novel! 

I briefly mentioned weeks ago that I was trying to write a novel, well I’ve got a couple of solid ideas now and I’ve been recently working on my first draft. I don’t want to say too much in case I jinx myself but I’m really hoping to get my first draft completed this year. Whether that is possible or not I’m not sure but it’s worth a try! 

Since I have written and published these promises to myself, I’m hoping that’s the push I need to complete them.

I highly encourage you to set your own Reading Challenge’s for this year. Even if it’s only 5 books! 

Reading is a fabulous thing, I hope you all have a great year of it.

Comment down below your 2017 Challenges and let’s start a discussion! 🙂 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone around the world! 

I hope 2017 brings lots of laughs and happy memories, as well as the strength to get through anything bad that may come our way! We are strong, if 2016 has proven anything, it’s that we are a world of survivors. 

I am very exited to start this year, I know it’s going to be tough and, honestly, quite scary, but I am determined to get through it with pride and confidence! I hope that you can too. 

This year I have promised myself that I will stop apologising for my existence, I’m going to be happier in myself and not care too much! I am going to work on making myself happy, whatever that means. I will take risks and I will be more adventurous. 

Truthfully, I never really make resolutions. But this year I’m going to give it a go. 

I will write more, about anything! It doesn’t even have to be good, as long as I’m writing something.

Anyway, enough about me, only I have to worry about me. You all need to worry about you and your loved ones. 

Be happy. Smile more. Take risks. 

Have a great 2017.