New Purchase: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Screenplay 

I saw this when I was in Waterstones yesterday and HAD to get it!

I feel more comfortable reading scripts after The Cursed Child so I’m exited to give this one a go! 

I’m going to see the film on Wednesday so I think I’ll wait to read it until after then to avoid spoilers (I usually don’t mind but the movie came out before the screenplay so I think I’ll see that first).

I’m super super exited about the film and will post a review of it once I’ve stopped fangirling enough to type out a coherent sentence.

Harry Potter holds a very special place in my heart and the idea of five more movies in the wizarding world is making me the happiest person ever, never mind all of the negative comments, I’m thrilled! 

And I’m also incredibly happy Johnny Depp has been cast in the films because he is honestly one of my favourite actors, I know a lot of people don’t like him but you can’t deny the man has talent! 

I know I’m going to be an emotional wreck when I hear Hedwigs Theme and the Warner Bros logo appears, god help me!

Wish me luck guys.

So all in all I’m chuffed with JK Rowling and everything magical at the moment! 

Man, I wish I was a wizard.


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