Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie Review

If I could describe this movie in one word it would be…surprising.

Not surprising that it was good, I knew it was going to be amazing from the moment the movie was announced.

It was surprising because I hadn’t really put much thought into the concept of the movie and what events would take place in the story. 

I’m used to knowing the book beforehand, or knowing the story it’s based off well enough to have an idea of what the next 2 hours are going to be like.

However, with this movie I found myself walking in mostly blind.

Of course I knew my basics, I’m a massive Harry Potter fan so I had a good idea of what it would be like, or what I thought it would be like, but there were so many surprises in this movie, for me, that it made the whole experience even better. 

Firstly, I expected the movie to be set in the wizarding world, I had hogsmede and diagon alley in my head when I should have realised that if the story is set in New York then chances are it would mostly take place in the muggle (non-mag) world, which it did! 

And just changing that one small thing, muggles in the background instead of wizards, made all the difference! The whole vibe of the movie was different (in a good way) because suddenly they had to try and be secretive and sneaky with what they were doing. 

Instead of openly using magic they had to subtly flick their wands and whisper their spells…of course once the action started that was thrown out of the window…and I suppose Newt isn’t the most subtle of wizards.

The time difference was obvious, the whole 20s vibe set it apart from the Harry Potter franchise. They really stuck with the theme and used everything to their advantage. 

I loved the inventiveness of it, the characters were funny and had a lot of depth. I got to know each character seperatly throughout the entire film! 

Not only is JK Rowling a brilliant author, she’s also a brilliant screenplay writer! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would definitely see it again! 

Newt was adorable and quirky, he made me fall in love with him instantly and I think Eddie was perfect for the part! 

Bring on the rest of the movies! 

Meeting Charlie McDonnell 

The other week I went to Charlie McDonnell’s Fun Science book signing and I can honestly say it was the best book signing I’ve ever been to.

I should start off by saying that I was originally going to the signing on my own as I didnt personally know anyone who was interested enough in Charlie’s videos to want to go and meet him to get his book.

However, my parents decided they would take me there and wander around the shops a bit while I was getting my book signed, then take me home again so I wouldn’t be completely by myself the entire time. 

So, a couple of days before the signing I had sent a tweet out (you can follow me @louiseandrews04) asking if anyone was going to Charlie’s Liverpool signing, I didn’t get any reply so quickly forgot about it.

I wasn’t that bothered about going by myself, it would have been nice to have people to go with, but I wand the going to let it get in the way! 

The morning of the signing, while I was getting ready, I heard my phone go off to find I had a reply from a girl saying that she was going and that she would meet me in the line, a couple of minutes later I also got another reply from a different girl saying the same thing. 

So suddenly I had people to go with! 

And don’t worry, I’m completely aware of stranger danger, however, as my parents would be with me until I met them and I was meeting them in a COMPLETELY public place it was all fine and dandy! (Although I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you 100% completely know they are safe.)

Once we’d arrived at Waterstones (the venue the signing was held at) I wandered  down the line a bit looking for the girls who had tweeted me, I knew that one of them had bright blue hair so I had something easy to recognise them with. 

Finally, after walking around looking like an idiot for a bit, I found the girls! 

They were stood with three other girls they had met in the line.

The first thing I noticed about all of these girls was how gloriously geeky they were, I knew instantly that I would have a lot in common with them, one even had a Doctor Who themed bag! 

We started chatting (my parents had wandered off at this point) and quickly realised we didn’t know each other’s names, so we went around the circle introducing ourselves. 

I had heard of people meeting friends through things like concerts and signings before but it had never personally happened to me, probably because I had never been to one on my own before and therefore had no reason to be talking to other people. 

So this was a completely new experience to me and it was incredibly cool! 

We all had so much in common and it was fun getting to know new people and all being extremely exited about something together, we were fangirling and trying to see Charlie through the window and it was fine because none of us found our fangirling annoying or over dramatic since we all felt the same way! 

The line went really fast and soon were next in line to meet Charlie! 

We were all a bit nervous and didn’t want to go first, but since one of us had to, I ended up being the one to take the plunge.

I was nervous and giggly (annoyingly that’s how I get when I meet famous people) I walked up to him and told him he was the first YouTuber I ever watched and that it was his fault I became such a fangirl!

He laughed and said “Sorry about that!” 

One thing I noticed about him was that he is very shy, which I sort of expected and completely understand. 

It must be intimidating having all of these teenage girls and boys love him and want to meet him but he handled himself very well.

Once we’d met Charlie it started to settle in that it was over and we were all left a bit deflated, we were happy because we’d met him and made loads of friends in the process, but there’s always that moment afterwords where you’re sad it’s over and you wonder how it went by so quickly! 

We stood outside Waterstones swapping Facebooks and stories, fangirling over hugging Charlie and planning to go for some lunch.

We could still see Charlie inside signing the last of the books, we thought maybe we could sneak in and try to meet him again since it was practically empty by the time the signing was over and there was still people in the shop buying books. 

Once the last of the fans left we crept back in, we could see Charlie walking out a door in the back that must have led to some leasure rooms for the staff.

We idled around outside the door, wondering whether we should try our luck at getting in.

None of us wanted to bother Charlie so that idea was quickly thrown out the window.

We strolled outside the shop again, a bit giggly because we felt rebellious trying to meet him again.

At this point we had resigned ourselves to the fact we weren’t going to see him again and he’d probably already been whisked away in some taxi back to his hotel.

However, just as we were about to give up and leave, one of the girls suddenly exclaimed “It’s Charlie!” 

All of our heads collectively turned towards the door, but, alas, it was just a lookalike.


“Wait there he is!”

We turned again to find the real Charlie walking out the shop! Right towards us!

We stood there in shock, not sure what to do. None of us had really thought we’d actually see him again.

He stood there for a while, he’d definitely seen us clutching our Fun Science copies, it was just a case of who would be confident enough to approach him.

We debated it for a while, sneaking glances at him while someone was showing him how to get to the docks.

Finally, one of the other girls sparked up enough courage to shout “Charlie!” Before he wandered off.

He turned around, walked over and was sweet enough to let us have a group picture with him (taken by his lovely publicist).

He had a little chat with us about how he’d never properly seen Liverpool before, I felt like any awkwardness that I showed when I met him the first time was completely gone now that I could have a proper conversation with him, when he said bye for the last time we were left feeling so so happy because we’d just met him twice! 

Afterwords we got a McDonalds and let everything that had happened sink in.

Charlie is honestly so lovely and it was such a fun experience to meet him and make new friends who have the same interests as me.

It’s a day I wish I could go back to but I love remembering! 

Now I can watch his videos and say that I’ve met him! 

So have you met a celebrity? Been to a signing? Leave you’re stories below 🙂 

New Purchase: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Screenplay 

I saw this when I was in Waterstones yesterday and HAD to get it!

I feel more comfortable reading scripts after The Cursed Child so I’m exited to give this one a go! 

I’m going to see the film on Wednesday so I think I’ll wait to read it until after then to avoid spoilers (I usually don’t mind but the movie came out before the screenplay so I think I’ll see that first).

I’m super super exited about the film and will post a review of it once I’ve stopped fangirling enough to type out a coherent sentence.

Harry Potter holds a very special place in my heart and the idea of five more movies in the wizarding world is making me the happiest person ever, never mind all of the negative comments, I’m thrilled! 

And I’m also incredibly happy Johnny Depp has been cast in the films because he is honestly one of my favourite actors, I know a lot of people don’t like him but you can’t deny the man has talent! 

I know I’m going to be an emotional wreck when I hear Hedwigs Theme and the Warner Bros logo appears, god help me!

Wish me luck guys.

So all in all I’m chuffed with JK Rowling and everything magical at the moment! 

Man, I wish I was a wizard.

My TBR Shelf

I have around 50 books in my TBR (To Be Read) pile, which I know compared to a lot of other bookworms isn’t actually that many.
A lot of these books make up a series, some of which I have already read but plan to read again because a new book in the series has come out (this is a ‘problem’ I have, whenever a new book in a series comes out I have to read the whole series again from the beginning).

Some of these books are random, stand alone ones that I’ve either been given as a present or got really cheap and decided to give it a go.

Most of the books are fictional but I do have 1 or 2 autobiographies in there.

I know I’ll get around to reading them all but the temptation to buy more never goes away, I’m sure my TBR pile will remain the same size no matter how many of them I get through. 

I don’t really find this a bad thing though, it’s nice to know I’ve always got something to read, also they look really pretty on my shelf.

How many books do you have on your TBR pile? Or do you even have one at all? 

Leave a comment down below and let’s start a discussion 🙂 

Book Recommendation: Echo Boy by Matt Haig

Book Title: Echo Boy

Author: Matt Haig

Genre: YA Sci-Fi

Release Date: 2014

Rating: 3.5/5

I first heard about this book last year, coincidentally just after the series Humans debuted on E4

At first I thought that maybe Humans was based off this book, that’s admittedly the reason I bought it.

Also I was just really interested in the Sci-Fi genre as a whole since I had never really read anything like that before.

However, I quickly discovered that the TV series had nothing to do with this book and was luckily not disappointed. 

The book follows a girl named Audrey whose parents were murdered by a faulty human-like robot called an ‘echo’.

After the incident Audrey has to live with her weird and possibly evil uncle, who just so happens to be the owner of a major business that provides Echos for people’s homes.

When Audrey meets a slightly odd Echo named Daniel she begins to question what life really means and if these ‘robots’ are really as mechanical and emotionless as they seem.

I thought this book was a nice easy read, it didn’t require me to think loads which means it’s a nice ‘book between books’.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and would highly recommend it if you are interested in futuristic love stories with interesting plots and characters. 

I found it quite enjoyable and would probably read it again.

Comment if you’ve read this book and what you thought of it! 

Starting to Write Something 

So I’ve started to write a bit more recently and I’m hoping that this means I will eventually get better at it.

My overall aim it to eventually write a book.

Which doesn’t seem too unlikely at the moment since I’ve actually had some ideas.

One idea, the one that’s exiting me the most, is quite developed.

More developed than anything I’ve ever written before.

I’ve figured out that planning is essential and I have been planning this idea so much that I’ve become so invested in the story, which, I’m assuming, is a good thing! 

Really I’m just incredibly exited about my writing and I hope this excitement continues to exist! 

So are you a writer? 

Are you writing anything at the moment? 

Leave a comment if you are, I’d love to get to know some more aspiring authors! 

Top 5 YA Protagonists 

Every fiction book (well all the ones I’ve read anyway) has a protagonsit. 

This is the person that the story follows, the person whose life you are living for the next 500 or so pages, the person you root for and want to see achieve their dreams.

So in this list I will be compiling my top 5  favourite YA protagonists from any book or series not depending on genre. 

And maybe hearing about these characters will make you want to check out the books!

So here goes…

5. Rosie from Love, Rosie

She is confident, funny, relatable and I think the fact that we follow her throughout the majority of her life makes me love her even more. It’s very rare to find a character that is so mundane (insert TMI jokes here…) yet so interesting to read about! By the end of the book I felt like I was her.

4. Will Grayson from Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Which Will Grayson am I talking about? You’ll never know…all I’m going to say is that his character development is paramount and I am completely in love with his story. I’ll let you decide which is the best…

3. Charlie from The Perks of being a Wallflower

Rarely does a character make me cry so much, he is an adorable little muffin and I will have nothing negative said about him. 

2. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

I don’t think I really have to say much about why I love this character, if you don’t know then I can’t really help you, just read the books. 

(Hint: strong, independent and completely badass)

1. Blue Sargent from The Raven Boys

One thing you should know about me is that I am completely in love with this series in general so it is unsurprising that she tops my list. 

If you want to meet a quirky, headstrong and sarcastic character who doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone then I would advise picking up these books.

Just do it.

You won’t regret it.

And that’s it folks, my top 5 favourite YA protagonists. 

Quite a mixture aye? 

I would highly suggest reading these books if you haven’t, none of them (in my opinion) disappoint.

If you have any more protagonists to add onto my list leave a comment and we can all share our favourite books and character together. 

I really do think the types of characters we love reflects who we are as a person so it would be very interesting to see who you all liked! 

Thanks for reading!

– Louise