Getting Ready For Halloween

It is October and thus the beginning of the festive season, also known as my favourite time of the year.

While others bask in the sun and pray for hot weather, I hide away in the shade and count down the days until I can finally whip out my warm coat and clunky boots.

I’m not a summer person, so as soon at the clock strikes midnight and the 30th of  September becomes the 1st of October I jump for joy and thank the lords I live in a cold country.

October means fun, it means Ghosts and sweets and Disney Halloween movies. 

It also means I can dress up as a pirate and nobody will look at me like I’ve gone mad, sort of.

Halloween is meant for the kids, however, I also think that Halloween can be a great reason for adults to have a bit of fun too. 

I mean, this is the perfect time for you to watch crappy scary movies and eat as much as you want without being judged! 

So go forth and celebrate the festive season with me! 

And remember, after Halloween comes Christmas! 

Jane Eyre Review (No Spoilers)

I loved this book.

I had high expectations before reading it due to its status as a ‘classic’.

In fact, the whole reason why I read it was because English teachers all over the world rave about its existence and as you may know if you are a bookworm like me, when people rave about books, you gotta read em’. Its just the law (don’t argue with me on this one).

I was a bit worried, however, because if theres one thing I know about classics its that they are hard to read. I think it’s a combination of over descriptive scene setting and old styled writing but a lot of the time old books just make my brain hurt.

However, in a bid to become more sophisticated and because Barnes and Noble’s released an AMAZING collection of classics that I had to own, I decided to give Jane Eyre a go.

And I have to say, I didn’t expect it to be as easy to read as it was.

The language just flows really well and I’d say that for anyone looking to get into reading classics but are a little but intimidated by the old writing style, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

Its such a nice way to ease your brain into that style of writing and the story is very interesting.

While Jane did annoy me sometimes (mostly with relationship choices-SHE COULD DO SO MUCH BETTER) it was very interesting to follow her through her life.

I felt like I was her.

Which, when you’re reading a book thats so long and in-depth, is a really good thing because it lets you forget about that cramp you have in your lower back from lying in a weird position for eight hours and it really absorbs you into the story.

It was also really interesting to read a book thats so authentic and accurate about that time period because it was written during the same time period.

I would 100% recommend this book to people, its something I think everyone should read at least once, especially if you love stories.

I give Jane Eyre a 4/5 stars and wouldn’t object to ever reading it again.